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Led by SEIU 721 members, CAUSE, and other community groups, over 100 participants and volunteers filled the Oxnard Performing Arts Center for our July 30th Citizenship Fair.
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With a 98% YES vote City of Thousand Oaks members won a strong two year contract which includes wage increases and health/cafeteria gains.
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Please join Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer and SEIU Local 721's African American Caucus as we celebrate Juneteenth on Saturday, June 17, 2017. This year we are raising the bar and inviting members to attend a formal evening of live music, delicious Southern cuisine, African dancers, exclusive door prizes and much more. We are encouraging everyone to dress in their best formal African attire keeping in step with our theme of "From Broken Chains to a New Reign."
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SEIU 721 members are justifiably proud of their work. Every day, SEIU 721 members care for the sick, feed the poor, house the homeless, protect our children, and keep our streets clean and safe. We literally keep society moving.
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Every year in Los Angeles County thousands of children are left in a lurch, waiting to be placed with a loving family. Sometimes social workers get 20, 30, or 40 rejections before they can place a child. We are in a placement crisis. The SEIU 721 Placement Forum on March 25th brought social workers together from across Southern California to tackle this immense problem.
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Like all of you, we were devastated by the death of Gabriel Fernandez, who was abused and murdered by his parents while in the L.A. County DCFS child welfare system. For years our union has advocated tirelessly for reforms that could have helped prevent this tragedy.
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SEIU Local 721 County of Ventura members sent a message to the Board of Supervisors, in person: "Give us thanks for a job well done!"
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When it comes to protecting vital public services, our County of Ventura members are ready to do Whatever It Takes! Members across the county have come together to lift their collective voice, demanding that the county invest in our community!
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The Fight Is Just Beginning The election on November 8th should have been a triumph for working people and our country. Instead it was a tragedy.
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SEIU Local 721 County of Ventura members showed up in full force at the Tues., Nov. 15 Board of Supervisors meeting!
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We stood together in unity with the bargaining team and our work paid off. The bargaining team reached a Tentative Agreement on a strong contract that will help Lift Up Ventura Superior Courts!
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Members fought at the bargaining table to help win a fair pension reopener agreement that worked for them and their families.
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The SEIU Local 721 Santa Barbara County bargaining team met with County negotiators for its initial session. The SEIU team is in the process of formulating its proposals which will help strengthen Santa Barbara County - for workers and the rest of the community.
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All SEIU 721 bargaining units (A, G, S & Q) in the City of Ventura voted overwhelmingly to approve the tentative agreement. Voting and information sessions took place at various worksites on April 20 and April 28.
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Last year L.A. County's Eligibility Workers (EW) decided they had enough with the outrageous number of cases per EW and they mobilized to bring lasting changes and won an additional 200 plus EWs. Now comes the news of EW's setting themselves for an even bigger victory-- LA County CEO Employee Relations Department has agreed to coordinate a meeting between SEIU 721 members and DPSS officials in the next 45 days to settle the caseload crisis once and for all.
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American Red Cross workers of Local 721 came together with union colleagues from across the country to reach the first ever national union contract. THIS WIN STANDS AS A SHINING EXAMPLE OFTHE POWER OF COLLECTIVE BARGAINING THAT HAPPENS ONLY WHEN WE HAVE A UNION.
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On March 1, SEIU Local 721 San Bernardino members went to the Board of Supervisors meeting to shed light on the negative impact of the cuts to their departments, jobs, and their lives. We have their attention, and that was just a sample!
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SEIU Local 721 members in the Tri-Counties region came out in full force to represent at the UFCW 770 Healthy 5k race in Ventura. Over two dozen SEIU 721 members, family and community came out from Santa Maria to Simi Valley to stand up for healthy families.
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While we have made small gains following the Great Recession, many of us in the Inland area are still struggling to make ends meet and continue to live pay check to pay check. As both the City of Riverside General and Refuse Units face contract negotiations this summer, members' answers to this survey will help set the priorities for the 2016 SEIU 721 Bargaining Team.
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Ballots are counted, and the new SEIU 721 City of Riverside General, and Refuse Unit bargaining team was announced at the first general membership meeting of the year, Tuesday, Jan. 19. The transition of chapter leadership also took place. Enrique Barboza was installed as the new chapter chair, and members feted outgoing chapter president Frank Corral.
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