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AB-583 closes loopholes in the Library Privatization Bill which protects libraries from being privatized and having services reduced.
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A Ventura County judge temporarily blocked the City of Simi Valley from outsourcing its library services to a private company. SEIU Local 721 first filed the lawsuit in early January of 2012 after the City of Simi Valley improperly voted to withdraw from the Ventura County Library system and create its own municipal library.
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SEIU 721 member leaders and library workers from Los Angeles and Ventura counties led a successful 14-month campaign to proect quality public services and preserve good, middle class jobs at public libraries.
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The fight to stop the Privatization Beast from preying upon our public libraries celebrated another victory as the California State Senate passed AB 438 (Williams) on Sept. 9. This legislation requires basic protections for taxpayers and library patrons when library services are being considered for privatization.
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The California Democratic Party's Executive Board passed a Resolution calling on the State Legislature to enact laws that protect Public Libraries from being taken over by for-profit corporations on July 31.
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On July 6, SEIU 721 librarians, board members and community allies testified before the California Senate Governance and Finance Committee and asked them to approve Aseembly Bill 438.
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In this video, you'll meet LA County Community Librarian Melissa McCollum. Melissa works at the Lawndale Public Library, where she plans programs for people of all ages. But Melissa's not just a celebrity in her own library. Last year, the American Library Association, the New York Times and the Carnegie Foundation recognized Melissa's dedication and excellence with their annual I Love My Librarian Award.
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Being a public librarian is a calling that has allowed me to give back to the country that has welcomed me as an immigrant and given me opportunities that would not have been available in my own country.
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The public library is an American institution - but right now, it's under threat of being transformed from a public service to a for-profit venture.
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Southern California library workers speak up as California library programs face $30 million in cuts...
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From the Los Angeles Times: The story of an illiterate adult man who learned to read because of a public literacy program at the Corona...
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People across the state of California signed onto a petition opposing the Santa Clarita City Council's decision to privatize the public library system.
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Public libraries are supposed to be available to everyone...for free. But the Camarillo City Council will be taking a vote on Oct. 13 that could put public library services at risk.
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Santa Clarita residents upset about the recent decision by the City Council to privatize library services without public input say the Council violated the Brown Act, which requires open public meetings.
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Santa Clarita residents upset about the plan to transfer city libraries to a for-profit company got their voice out in the New York Times.
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More than 150 children, seniors, students, homemakers, parents and grandparents filled the Santa Clarita Council Chambers on August 24 to oppose a plan that would remove the city from the LA County library system -- and nearly 50 stayed for the 11:15 PM vote that puts library services at risk.
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The Santa Clarita City Council wants to sell library services. What will that mean for the community?
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Library employees and union leadership met with Los Angeles County Library management to outline problems a new schedule could have on staff and the public.
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Librarians and library workers gathered for a press conference to highlight up to $3 million in savings if L.A. county adopts a community-centered book purchasing system rather than its current practice of centralized book purchasing.
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