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721 members decided to take action and help get a revenue option on the November ballot that would help stop the cuts and that effort became Proposition 30.
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This year, Monterey Park City Workers got a special holiday surprise: an end to furloughs. After nearly three years, SEIU 721 members and other city workers convinced the City Council to end furloughs nine months earlier than expected.
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This weekend SEIU 721 Riverside County leadership sent a letter to the Board of Supervisors in response to two items on the Tuesday, June 5, agenda which would result in increases in pay and benefits for elected officials and upper management, outside of compaction issues. This is an outrageous proposal made either for completely political antics prior to election day or lack of good judgement by management during a time of layoffs, furloughs, and pay cuts to front line workers who provide essential public services.
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Members overwhelmingly prioritized increasing member involvement as their top issue at the CAP Forum on Dec. 10. We have compiled your feedback and developed a...
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Members of the Los Angeles Professional Managers' Association voted overwhelmingly to ratify the Coalition of City Unions' proposed agreement with the City of Los Angeles.
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Earlier this week, incoming Los Angeles Schools Superintendent John Deasy revealed that he will voluntarily forego $55,000 of his $330,000 annual salary in order to...
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Anti-worker politicians like LA City Councilman Bernard Parks say they can save money by firing the public service workers who monitor our water quality, clean our parks and maintain our birth records. But here's a better way to save money: hire more workers.
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The LA City Council voted today to cease plans to lease city-owned parking garages that were estimated to generate more than $50 million and bridge this...
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 Photo: LA City Civil Engineering Associate Terry Keating LA City engineers, architects and scientists unveiled the excessive pay rates private contractors charge the City...
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Photo: LAPD Garage Attendant Franco Torres   On Valentine's Day, more than 500 Los Angeles City workers and faith and community leaders urged the...
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While supporting LA City services at a council meeting, SEIU 721 member Henry Barron is captured in a photo published in the Los Angeles Times....
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Joined by hundreds of firefighters, workers from all departments told the LA City Council today to act responsibly and pass a parking garage agreement that...
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KABC did a great story on how furloughs in Los Angeles' Bureau of Street Services are preventing workers from fixing dangerous potholes caused by heavy...
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LA City street crews partnered with LA City Council members to issue a motion calling for the restoration of critical street services.
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Only 10 days left to file your furlough compensation claim. If your manager is refusing to sign that you were mandated to do more than...
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By Brian Hollenbaugh Detention Officer in the Los Angeles Police Department and SEIU 721 Executive Board Member  A recent report by the LAPD showed that...
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SEIU 721 members in the LA City Bureau of Street Services are taking aim at the furloughs and budget cuts that have diminished the quality of life in Los Angeles.
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On Nov. 9, LA City member leaders are planning a strategy meeting where members will unfold plans to protect services from now until 2011. We...
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Drastic budget cuts to the LA City Urban Forestry Division and Bureau of Street Services have crippled emergency response times. This was demonstrated when a 50-foot tree crushed a Granada Hills home on Oct. 25 and injured a resident. The tree was removed days later after media reports.
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LA Superior Court is back to full time status as the court announced an end to furloughs starting in August. July 21 is the last furlough day.
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